Sheryl Sorrentino

Paulie Beckwith's a Peacekeeper
with no Inner Peace.


“Full of entertaining twists, turns and gyrations.” Lawrence Townsend, San Francisco, CA

“Excellent character work. Some glorious moments that really make you think.” Steve Taylor-Bryant; Penarth, Wales (UK)

“A million times better than Roadhouse (the movie)” Slingfin Publicity

“Flawed, likeable characters [and] an absorbing plot that kept me guessing till the end.” Book Bear; Albany, CA

“Summer reading at its best!” Kathy Ghelerter, Jackson Florida

“In love and living on the edge.” Lloyd Lufthouse, Amazon Vine reviewer

“ [Sorrentino] challenges our notions of ‘likable’ and ‘unlikeable’ characters, and in the process takes the reader on an exciting journey full of intrigue and subterfuge.” Yalda V.; Walnut Creek, CA


As bouncer, it’s Paulie’s job to protect pole dancers, break up brawls, and pat down the illegal farm workers and drug dealers who patronize Insanidád, a roadside “gentlemen’s club” on the outskirts of Modesto, California. But Paulie won’t rest until he finds out who killed his brother, Lloyd, a young pharmacist gunned down in his prime.

By day, Paulie inhabits a camper where he talks to Lloyd’s ashes, lusts after his ex-girlfriend, and indulges an unbalanced neighbor who believes her father’s spirit is haunting her. By night, Paulie fends off the cagey Colombian drug lawyer about to marry his beloved ex (the bartender) and take over her father’s club. Unearthing the guarded secret between his unhinged neighbor and soon-to-be boss leads Paulie down a calamitous path of jealousy, recklessness, and unexpected redemption.

Sheryl Sorrentino’s fifth novel exposes strip club life through the eyes of a street-smart “everyman” struggling for closure and kinship.  

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