Stage Daughter

“Cultures clash in this engaging, heartfelt novel about a single mother forced to face unresolved feelings from the past when her 12-year-old daughter insists on connecting with the father she’s never known.”  

Stephanie Lehmann, author of Astor Place Vintage

Stage Daughter

As a young woman, Sonya Schoenberg dreamed of someday becoming a famous actress. But despite her “leading lady” good looks and numerous attempts at landing auditions, an unplanned pregnancy thrusts her into the role of single parent.

Nearly thirteen years later, Sonya tries to keep her dream alive through her daughter, Razia, a precocious pre-teen enrolled in a coveted arts school. But Raz prefers drawing to drama and has no problem defying her mom to get what she wants—whether it be piercings, doing something dumb on a dare, or hunting down Aziz, her “sperm donor” dad (with whom Sonya shared a single, hapless encounter more than a decade earlier). While Razia stubbornly sets her sights on her biological father, Sonya struggles to keep a tenuous hold over her parental domain. Meanwhile Aziz—a traditional Muslim man in an arranged marriage—follows a script all his own. Can this fractured family improvise a successful “second run” in spite of deep-rooted animosities and seemingly insurmountable barriers? Or will bitterness and bigotry forever steal center stage?

A daughter's determination, a mother's mistrust, and a father's faith collide in this thought-provoking tale of single-motherhood, blended families, and religious intolerance told by three dissimilar yet inextricably connected characters.

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Endorsed by Compulsion Reads, a B.R.A.G.Medallion honoree and award-Winning Finalist in the Fiction: Chick Lit/Women's Lit category of The 2013 USA Best Book Awards (sponsored by USA Book News)!

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