Sheryl Sorrentino


A bereaved widow's up-close and penetrating retelling of her ruinous journey into the world of online dating.

Stacey Fenton’s role as wife and mother of a transgender teen came to a shattering halt one Sunday afternoon when a car crash claimed the lives of husband, Rodger, and their only child, 17-year-old Lewis (a/k/a Louise). More than two years after that ill-fated road trip, the 54-year-old survivor cannot forgive herself for arranging the unwelcome college tour that ended in the worst tragedy of her life.

Longing for a fresh start, Stacey reluctantly allows a well-meaning coworker to post her profile on a dating website, where she virtually “meets” an international wealth manager claiming to be the widowed father of a five-year-old girl. But when one financial disaster after another befalls her beguiling cyber-beau—and Stacey finds herself bailing out the enigmatic jet-setter one time too many—this unwitting love-seeker must sort fact from fiction, friend from foe.