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Sheryl Sorrentino:  Real Fiction for Real Women.™

The banner photo above was taken in Sheryl's special place, where she draws inspiration for her work, her writing, and her life. (Notice how  the trees are dying and chem trails have replaced clouds.)

Sheryl Sorrentino (a pseudonym) is a successful business and real estate attorney who conceived and wrote her first novel, Later With Myself: The Misadventures of Millie Moskowitz, after her father died and his well-kept family secret shed new light on shocking events that had haunted her from childhood.

Immediately after launching this captivating and painfully "memoir-esque" autobiographical fiction work, Sheryl penned An Unexpected Exile, fast-paced women's fiction that exposes the psychological inner workings of Risa Weinberg, its 29-year-old protagonist whose capitalist guilt and sexual bewilderment all but derail her purported personal and professional aspirations (a uniquely female phenomenon with which Sheryl is all too familiar).

Her third novel, The Floater, offers readers a controversial-yet-sensitive story about a mature female protagonist (Norma Reyes) who takes on the private demons and occupational hazards threatening her prospects for happiness. Called "The Rocky of Legal Dramas" by New York Times best-selling author Ken Morris, The Floater proves that, while justice may be hard to come by, there's always equal opportunity to succeed in love.

Endorsed by Compulsion Reads and a Finalist in the Chick Lit/Women's Lit Fiction category of The 2013 USA Best Book Awards, Sheryl's fourth novel, Stage Daughter, features a biracial/bisexual mom, a traditional Muslim dad, and their illegitimate pre-teen daughter.  Told in the alternating voices of three highly diverse but inextricably connected characters, Stage Daughter grapples with issues surrounding single-motherhood, adolescent rebellion, blended families, and religious intolerance. 

Stop & Frisk (released in 2015)  is Sheryl's fifth page-turner. Called "A million times better than Road House the movie!", Stop & Frisk exposes strip club life through the eyes of a street-smart "everyman" struggling for closure and kinship.

Smarter Than That (released for Mother's Day 2017) isa bereaved widow's up-close and penetrating retelling of her ruinous journey into the world of online dating.

Through her edgy, pull-no-punches writing style, Sheryl has forged a unique subgenre of women's fiction she calls, "Real Fiction for Real Women™"-socially-significant, culturally-inclusive stories of women's (and men's!) real-life struggles presented in a compelling, intimate, and always entertaining voice.

Pragmatic, witty, and endlessly entertaining, Sheryl Sorrentino is an unstoppable commentator of our changing times. She lives in the California Bay Area with her husband and teenage daughter.








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