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Later With Myself

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Twelve-year-old Millie Moskowitz doesn’t know that her father has a “Mafia mistress” and an illegitimate son; she only knows that he sleeps elsewhere, carries a gun and comes and goes as he pleases. When Lee Moskowitz is at home, Millie is his personal foot rubber and back scratcher while her mother cooks his meals, washes dishes and irons his shirts. Seeking to escape her oppressive home life, Millie skips school to meet select neighborhood men for a soda in a delivery truck, a cigarette in a supermarket storeroom, or a ride on the school bus to an abandoned house. Millie is empowered by her misadventures, until she finds herself pregnant by a Black man twice her age. Later With Myself: The Misadventures of Millie Moskowitz chronicles Millie's midlife quest for peace and redemption, as she faces her childhood demons with honesty and humor.


An Unexpected Exile

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Risa Weinberg is a fairly attractive and mostly independent junior merchandiser for Nordstrom’s flagship San Francisco store. Nearly thirty, she dreams of someday being promoted to fashion buyer. But with no other romantic prospects on the horizon, Risa becomes unexpectedly smitten with Arturo, a recent Nicaraguan immigrant whom she meets on the bus one morning. In spite of a riotous culture-clash, Arturo’s captivating life story and arresting sensuality soon overwhelm Risa as Arturo, a self-described Sandinista insurgent, cunningly muscles his way into Risa’s good graces. With a conscious but faulty deliberation, Risa manages to ignore the signs of Arturo’s possessive and abusive nature; she succumbs to the allure of romance and falls deeper and deeper under his spell in her misguided pursuit of passion. Meanwhile, her passive-aggressive rapport with her widowed father grows increasingly strained, and her career aspirations derail, as she stumbles into what quickly becomes a highly charged and subtly abusive relationship. When faced with the prospect of Arturo's deportation, Risa reluctantly agrees to marry him against her better judgment. She then becomes so caught up in planning the perfect wedding that she cannot see beyond the ephemeral appetizer of flowers and photographers to the enduring main course of being married to this most unsuitable man. Set in the aftermath of the Nicaraguan contra war, An Unexpected Exile takes a comedic-yet-serious look at how easily a woman can become consumed by feverish sexual obsession while sacrificing her professional ambition and self-worth in the process. A cautionary tale of lust gone awry, An Unexpected Exile is a sobering twist on romantic comedy.


The Floater

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Welcome to The Great Recession, when companies are laying people off left and right, and even Big Law isn't hiring anymore. At least there's no place at Robertson, Levine & Shemke for 46-year-old Norma Reyes, a recent graduate from an unremarkable fourth-tier law school. Short on luck and desperate for a job, Norma accepts RLS's offer to work as a "floater" (i.e., rotating secretary)—a title that conjures the distasteful image of something stubbornly bobbing in the toilet no matter how many times you flush. Though Norma's only trying to stay afloat until the economy improves and she can land a job as a lawyer, RLS's shallow, self-absorbed attorneys seem hell-bent on keeping this buoyant, middle-aged staff member down.


Then Norma unexpectedly meets Oscar, the firm's African-American copy room supervisor. Despite her misgivings about dating a divorced coworker with two teenage daughters, she finds herself instantly drawn to him, thrilled to have finally found someone to love who will brighten her dispiriting workdays. That is, until Oscar hands Norma a smoking gun—an incriminating, tell-all memo from RLS's libidinous managing partner admitting to age and national origin discrimination in the firm's decision not to hire Norma as an attorney, even after her stellar performance as a summer associate.


Though Norma dreads the prospect of taking on RLS's powerful brass, she and Oscar join forces against the firm while pursuing a fiercely tender and harrowingly intimate romance. But Norma soon learns that if she wants to hang on to a man like Oscar, it's not enough to fight the powers that be; she must first confront long-unresolved personal demons within.

The Floater is the Rocky of legal dramas. Attorney and protagonist Norma Reyes--hired as an overqualified secretarial floater and forced to battle long odds in a high powered law firm--is often beaten down but never knocked out. Gritty and necessarily graphic, The Floater is a well-written and spellbinding ride through Lilly Ledbetter-glass ceilings and racial barriers. Shocking, uplifting, and enlightening, The Floater is a dramatic tour de force." NY Times Bestselling author Ken Morris (author of Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin, Man in the Middle, and Deadly Trade).

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Stage Daughter Now Available!

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Every unmarried woman fears an unwanted pregnancy (just as every married man dreads discovering he anonymously fathered a child). Sonya Schoenberg dreamed of someday becoming a famous actress, but instead, a hapless encounter with a Muslim man landed her the permanent role of forsaken single mother. 

Thirteen years later, Sonya is trying to keep her dream alive through her “stage daughter,” Razia, a precocious pre-teen enrolled in a coveted arts school. But Raz prefers drawing to drama and has no problem defying her mom to get what she wants—be it piercing her own ears, doing a dumb dare, or hunting down her biological father, Aziz. While Sonya struggles to keep a tenuous hold over rebellious Raz, she stubbornly sets her sights on transforming her mom’s “sperm donor” into a doting dad. Meanwhile, Aziz (himself a father of two in an arranged marriage) follows a script of his own to convert his newfound daughter to Islam. Can this troubled threesome improvise a successful “second run” despite deep-rooted animosities and seemingly insurmountable barriers? Or will bitterness and bigotry forever steal center stage? A daughter's determination, a mother's mistrust, and a father's faith collide in this witty and powerful story of healing, forgiveness, and family.


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