Later With Myself


What would you do if you found yourself alone and pregnant at the age of twelve? Would you turn to your violent and erratic father? Or would you confide in your depressed and ineffectual mother?

Meet Millie Moskowitz. She doesn’t know that her father has a “Mafia mistress” and an illegitimate son; she only knows that he sleeps elsewhere, carries a gun, and comes and goes as he pleases. When Lee Moskowitz is at home, Millie is his personal foot rubber and back scratcher while her mother cooks his meals, washes dishes, and irons his shirts. To escape her oppressive home life, Millie skips school to meet select neighborhood men for a soda in a delivery truck, a cigarette in a supermarket storeroom, or a ride on the school bus to an abandoned house. Millie is empowered by her misadventures, until she finds herself pregnant by a Black man twice her age.

Named one of Conversations Book Club’s 150 Best Books of 2011 (, Later with Myself: The Misadventures of Millie Moskowitz chronicles Millie's midlife quest for peace and redemption as she faces her childhood demons with honesty and humor.